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Eleemosynary by Lee Blessing

Online January 21 & 23
The play probes into the delicate relationship of three singular women: the grandmother, Dorothea, who has sought to assert her independence through strong-willed eccentricity; her brilliant daughter, Artie (aka Artemis), who has fled the stifling domination of her mother; and Artie's daughter, Echo, a child of exceptional intellect — and sensitivity — whom Artie has abandoned to an upbringing by Dorothea.
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Turn down the lights and snuggle close for the hare-raising tale of the most lovable vampire of all time—Bunnicula! Put on your pajamas or favorite Halloween costume and enjoy a special group reading of this family-favorite chapter book.
A mystery-comedy that has delighted young and old for more than 40 years, "Bunnicula" by James & Deborah Howe follows Harold the dog and Chester the cat as they try to find the truth about the newest pet in the household: a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits — and fangs!
June books include "Juneteenth for Mazie" by Floyd Cooper, "Can I Play Too?" by Mo Willems, "Click, Clack, Moo" by Doreen Cronin, "The Boy Who Grew Flowers" by Jennifer Wojtowicz, and many others, read by Ann-Marie, Brian, Abha, Cathy, Sam, Maureen, Celeste, Richard, Liz, Casey, Marie, and Stacey.
March's stories include: "Bunny Bear" by Andrea J. Loney, "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds, "The Girl with a Mind for Math" by Julia Finlay Mosca, and "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert N. Muench. Our fabulous readers were Bob, Liz, Abha, Cathy, Marie, Lily, Sam, Reese, Lisa, and Mark. 
Watch January's edition of Sunday Stories, with books "Dragons Love Tacos," "Hair Love," "Room on the Broom," "The Book with No Pictures," and more! 
Thank you to our fabulous readers, Lindsey, Maureen, Dusty Rose, Gwen, Kori, Sam, Richard, and Abha!

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