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Dead Accounts
by Theresa Rebeck 

Virtual performances will be April 1 & 3
Show design by Caitlin Meleski Artwork,

Auditions February 15 & 16 at 7 PM

Auditions will be held via Zoom. Please email director John Weber for a time slot, noting the character for which you would like to audition.

Jack's unexpected return throws his family into a frenzy, and his sister Lorna needs answers. Is he coming home or running away? Where is his wife everyone hates? And how did he get all that money? This comedy tackles the timely issues of corporate greed, small town values, and whether or not your family will always welcome you back... with no questions asked.
JACK – (30s) Not that old, but not that young. Suddenly shows up at his parents’ home in Cincinnati after years of (apparently) prospering in New York City. Shifty, mysterious – clearly hiding something. Is he REALLY missing his midwestern roots?
LORNA – (30s) Jack’s sister. VERY curious as to why Jack is back. Wants to get to the bottom of things. Unlike her mother, wary of religion.
PHIL – (30s) Jack’s childhood friend. Also wondering what is up with Jack. Also has a VERY big crush on Lorna, one that she’s not aware of.
BARBARA – (60s) Jack & Lorna’s mother. The play takes place in her home. Religious, a Catholic traditionalist; her beliefs may ultimately disappoint, but they help get her through life’s calamities.
JENNY – (late 20s-early 30s) Jack’s wife. Gorgeous, stylish, well-dressed. She looks like New York. And she knows exactly what’s going on with Jack. Not really liked (more like tolerated) by Jack’s family.