Single Show Tickets

We're so thrilled you'd like to join us! Here is what's on sale now:
Casting Director: Mark Marano
Remi: Kori Rife
Gina Marie: Cathy Mayher
Kellin: Gabrielle Affleck
Tandy: Sheila Renninger
Jeff: Dominick Garatino
Carmen: Mitchell Nease
Greg: Hanlon Smith-Dorsey
Wendy: Shelli Pentimall
Phyllis: Kate Coyne
Rory: Marissa DiPilla
Tom: Lou DiPilla
Uma: Cathy Liebars

Director: Alice Weber
Producer: John Weber
Tech Director: Kris Kauker

This ticket includes the livestream production on Zoom webinar and includes the entrance into the "after party." Only 80 Zoom tickets are available. Please do not share your Zoom link with others, as you may not be able to get in! 

Bad Auditions...
On Camera

February 27 | 8 PM

A casting director has one day to find an actor to fill the role of a lawyer in a crime procedural. But what seems like a simple task proves impossible when the pool of actors includes stage thespians who can't tone it down for the screen, performers completely unable to keep themselves in frame, and an actor who seems to believe this is a foot cream commercial. Those joining us on Zoom get to vote for who should get the role as we step behind the doors of a casting session in this laugh-out-loud comedy.

This hilarious show will be performed live on Zoom and streamed to YouTube. For those with Zoom tickets, stick around after the performance to meet and greet the cast and crew!

During these challenging times, Bridge Players is committed to bringing you high-quality entertainment at a reduced rate. Instead of $20 per person, we ask that you pay a minimum of $12 to be part of the interactive Zoom production and $11 to stream the performance on YouTube.

We ask that our patrons consider paying more than the minimums, if they are able and are moved to do so. Tickets are an important revenue source for our group, and all money collected helps support future productions. We hope you will give generously.

This ticket is for viewing the livestream performance on YouTube. You will not have access to the post-show meet and greet. Please do not share the YouTube link with others. 
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